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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1943Founder's Day RecordingsSmith, Lillian S.; Torrance, Catherine; Cunningham, Robert B.
1944Founder's Day RecordingsSydenstricker, Alma; MacDougall, Mary Stuart
1947Founder's Day RecordingsJohnson, Lewis H.; Agnes Scott College Glee Club
1956Founder's Day RecordingsLaney, Emma May; Scandrett, Carrie
1950Founder's Day RecordingsAgnes Scott College
1955Founder's Day RecordingsTart, J.C.; Rogers, P.J.; Stukes, S.G.; Gooch, Frances K.; Winter, Roberta; Flint, John; Simmons, Henry; Starke, Wesley
1942Founder's Day Recordings: Report of Campaign and InterviewsWinship, George; Alexander, Lucile; Cox, Mary; Carey, Ella
1999Gala Reception and Dinner Celebrating the Renovation of Letitia Pate Evans HallAgnes Scott College
2004GatheringAgnes Scott College Dalton Gallery; Alembik, Lisa; Philip, Virginia; Cullum, Jerry
1987The George W. and Irene K. Woodruff Quadrangle Dedication CeremonyAgnes Scott College
2019Graduate Catalog 2019-2020Agnes Scott College
2020Graduate Catalog 2020-2021Agnes Scott College
2021Graduate Catalog 2021-2022Agnes Scott College
2022Graduate Catalog 2022-2023Agnes Scott College
2023Graduate Catalog 2023-2024Agnes Scott College
2003In Living ColorAgnes Scott College
2003Journeys: Cultural EventsAgnes Scott College
2002Journeys: Cultural EventsAgnes Scott College
2004Journeys: Cultural EventsAgnes Scott College
2005Journeys: Cultural EventsAgnes Scott College